Rocky Tabloa Side Table - Indoor/Outdoor

This new indoor /outdoor side table design is a take on minimal modern with earthy details. The juxtaposition of the natural stone with the matte black powder-coated steel top creates a balance in texture and warmth. The Rocky Tabloa's strong stance is delicately matched with an airy tabletop. The minimal yet structured top lets the beautiful stone take all the attention due to its organic shape and variation in texture.

Dimensions: 12"D x 24"H

Stone details:

Boulder Stone: Rounder in shape and smooth texture. The colors are more of a combination of gray, sand and whites. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

** Stone shapes, textures and tones may vary from the photo. These are natural stones with no finish or tint applied so they will vary

***Top can be customized (height, shape/size and color).


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