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Tronk is a Cincinnati-based furniture company that prides itself on their unique designs, the quality of the materials used, as well as the craftsmanship. Created by two friends from Ohio, Tronklaunched in 2013 and has been designing moderen pieces and shipping them all over the world ever since.


Tronk style reflects a timeless American design aesthetic. Clean lines, sleek styling and strong features create pieces of furniture that will last years, without ever going out of style. "The beauty of the material speaks for itself. We try to keep our pieces as slim and elegant as possible without sacrificing functionality. The style is minimalist, but each item has subtle details that add a little pop to catch the eye." Brad Musuraca (owner & designer)


Our pieces begin as an idea, maybe while staring at our computer screens, or lying in bed watching the cars go by, even having a pint with friends. But once the dreaming is done, the real work begins. We design and prototype eve, piece in house start to finish. Fun right?! We know!


We use the best craftsmen around, from Amish woodworkers to expert metalworkers to bring these beauties to life. Everything we sell is made right here in the good of USA, from the actual product all the way down to the packaging and even the powder-coatingl And this is the best part, since our suppliers are darn good at what they do, we can offer you made in America furniture for the same price as the guys that import.


We are committed to sustainability by making non-disposable furniture that is built to last a lifetime or more. We use FSC certified woods, water-based adhesives, wood stains and top coats as well as no plastic and we are PVC-free. Tronk utilizes recycled raw materials and the majority of our packaging is recyclable which can reduce landfill disposal. Our products are designed to be cleaned with low environmental impact (water-based) cleaning fluids and we have a substantially lower carbon footprint than most competitors since most of our products are made right here in Ohio with Midwest-sourced materials.

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